Adventure house

All children on an adventure in nature

Camping is part of Scouting. It is the ultimate nature experience for children. All children should be able to discover nature together; scouts, non-scouts, children without and children with disabilities. The way to offer this experience to all children is the realization of the Avonturenhuis; accommodation for both children with and without disabilities; the base for a fantastic adventure in nature. The realization of the Avonturenhuis started at the end of 2019, partly thanks to the help of the Postcode Lottery. The planning is to build the Adventure House in 2020.

The Adventure House makes adventures possible for everyone

SustainableAccessible to allMeeting place with small coffee corner and terraceSpace for workshops and recreationFor scouts and non-scouts80 sleeping places

In the Avonturenhuis, children without a disability and children who cannot camp because of their disability can spend the night together. The house offers the chance to make friends and develop talents together in a playful way. This ensures confidence, understanding each other, exchange and a larger social network. Important for children for whom playing outside and meeting other children is not always obvious. The Avonturenhuis contributes to an inclusive society and to the development of all children who camp there.

The experience and development that the Scouting Estate offers children outside also continues inside, in the Avonturenhuis. The house stimulates adventure: you can learn everything about nature. It literally comes “inside”: there are large French doors and there is something to discover in every corner. A real tree grows in the house with a tree house to sleep in and there are glass floors and walls. This way the children can see the roots grow and study how insects live.


We also make sustainable applications in the Avonturenhuis understandable for children. By making the techniques that are used and the associated returns visible in a creative way, children are made aware and enthusiastic about the sustainable living environment of the Adventure House. The image below shows which measures are being taken to make the Avonturenhuis as sustainable as possible.