All children on an adventure in nature

The Adventure House (Avonturenhuis in Dutch) is the central base in the Netherlands from which all children and young people can go on camps and adventures in nature together. There is room for various groups to spend the night and do activities in nature, such as going to camp, sailing and sports. It is also the international scout center where scouts of all ages, from all over the Netherlands and abroad, meet each other. Land, air and water come together.

Who is the Adventure House for?

The Adventure House was specially built for youth and young people, both scouts and non-scouts can go there. They will discover the adventurous estate together in a group. It is possible that part of the group camps outside in tents and the other part camps in the Adventure House.

It is important that all children and young people can play and develop together outside in nature. This increases self-confidence, understanding for each other, exchange and a stronger social network. However, this is not yet self-evident for all children and young people in the Netherlands. That is why the construction of the Adventure House, or also the scout center, makes camping and adventure in nature possible for everyone. 

Please note: the Adventure House is not intended for parties and commercial activities. Are you unsure whether your activity meets the requirements? Then you can always contact us.

In the Adventure House

The Adventure House is designed in such a way that nature ‘comes in’, as it were, and draws you outside through large French doors where children and young people can discover something new in every corner, inside and outside.

In short: a real base for a beautiful adventure in nature!

The Adventure House is a design by MOST Archit ecture + TomDavid . They also made the sketches on this page. The design is creative, adventurous and flexible with room for games, (Scouting) activities and training, among other things. It will also be the base for events such as Nawaka, Scout-In and National Jamboree. There is room for meeting in common areas, but also for independent activities with your own group, school class or (sports) team.
The Adventure House consists of the following parts:

This is what the Adventure House looks like

The Adventure House is a building with many natural materials, including wood and glass, as you can see in the image. There is a lot of atmosphere here, with of course the necessary color, so that everyone immediately feels at home. Including long tables for eating, corners for doing activities together and seating areas for socializing. The entire ground floor is accessible for people in wheelchairs.  

A sustainable building

The smart, sustainable, green roof that covers the rooms and open public spaces like a blanket, contains solar panels and solar collectors. This supplies the underfloor heating with power and the building has hot water. When there is not enough sun, the pellet stove is used. Solar panels will also be added for electricity, so that the Adventure House can meet its own energy needs. We then hope to realize storage of unused energy.

The sloping shape and the special use of materials give the Adventure House an appearance and also allow it to flow naturally with the environment. We make the sustainable applications understandable for children. By making the techniques used and the associated returns visible in a creative way, children are made aware and enthusiastic about the sustainable living environment of the Adventure House. The building can be largely recycled.

Activities in and around the Adventure House

Scouting estate Zeewolde offers activities at a unique location in nature. Children and teenagers experience challenging group activities together on and around the water and in nature . Everything is about discovering new things and experiencing exciting adventures.

Activities on the Scouting estate

Campfire eveningsHikes from the estateBuilding raftsTreasure huntingClimbing tower

Activities in the vicinity of the Scouting estate

Pitch & PuttPaintballAmersfoort ZooOn the road with the foresterTo farmer Sjaak

More activities on and around the Scouting estate can be found on this page

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Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure in nature? Then book a trip to the Adventure House together with your (sports) team, class, scouting club, family or friends. Here you will spend the night together in a sustainable building and explore nature during the day. You can find our rates on this page. Do you want to book directly? Then make a reservation using the form below.

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