Artwork on Scouting Estate Zeewolde

On Saturday 19 September 2015, Mayor Gorter of the municipality of Zeewolde presented a special work of art to Scouting Estate Zeewolde during Scout-In15. The object is a lasting memory of the realization of Scouting Estate Zeewolde. It depicts the unique character of a site in the polder and establishes a relationship between Scouting, the Scouting estate and its surroundings

Below Sealevel

Zeewolde is below sea level. This is a unique fact compared to other Scouting campsites in the rest of the world. The corten steel object allows the scout and passer-by to feel how low the ground is in relation to NAP through an applied marking of the former sea level. In time, this marking can also be found in the buildings on the Scouting estate. You can literally be below sea level, but you can also sit on the lower part.

It can be used by site guests and recreation seekers. By choosing a wind and signpost, the relationship of the site with its surroundings, close to and with the rest of the world, is made visible. The signpost, which is placed on the central axis of the Scouting Estate at the intersection with the public cycle path, is also a logical and special place to take a group photo during an event or after a week of camp. The fact that it can also be used as a resting point provides additional added value.


Saint George was lasered with tulips several times from the object. Sint Joris is (internationally) the patron saint of Scouting. It reminds us that we must be brave, fight evil and stand up for those around us. The tulip is also a symbol for the Netherlands and recognizable for the foreign scouts who will visit the Scouting estate. In addition, bulb fields are also present in the municipality of Zeewolde. In this way, too, a link is made with the municipality.


Sustainability is also an important principle in the construction of the site. This is in line with the fact that Zeewolde has been voted the most sustainable municipality in the Netherlands. A ‘crown’ has therefore been placed on top of the signpost, as a wind turbine. This Powerball stands for dealing with the elements that nature gives us. When the wind turbine is running because there is wind, the LEDS in the object will light up. The light will shine through the symbols of Saint George and the tulips. When there is no wind, there will be no light. The object is not connected to the mains. Displaying this primary form of energy is clear in the perception of children and changes every time you walk past the object.

Scouting worldwide

In addition to a special eye-catcher and element to sit on and play around, the signpost also indicates important (Scouting) places elsewhere in the world. The arrow to the north naturally points to the village of Zeewolde.

On the front side is the date of the unveiling of the artwork on the Scouting Estate Zeewolde. The design is by Hertine Kars and the artwork was made by Smolenaers Constructie and Plaatwerk from Nederweert.