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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Can I just park on the Estate?

Yes, you can park for free in the parking lot at the estate. Events can be deviated from by the organization of the event

Can I moor at the jetty with my vessel?

Vessels can be moored at the jetty on the instructions of the camp staff. Maintenance work is not permitted during the stay.

Can I bring my dog or pet?

Except for registered assistance and guide dogs, dogs or other pets are not allowed on the Scouting estate.

Can I cross the terrain with my horse / pony?

This is allowed, provided you stay on the indicated equestrian route. Please note, Scouting Estate Zeewolde is a place where children and young people play in nature. Adjust accordingly, so that your own safety and that of the children is guaranteed.

What can you do nearby?

There is plenty to do on and around the Scouting estate !. On this page you can see exactly what there is to discover!

Questions about camping at Scouting Estate Zeewolde

Is there electricity available in the fields?

No electricity is available on the fields. However, it is possible to charge your smartphone at the central charging point near the camp staff where your smartphone can be safely charged.

Is it a long walk to a toilet block?

In principle not, there are four different toilet buildings spread over the estate, so there is always a toilet building nearby.

Can I also camp on the estate with a camper, caravan or trailer tent?

No, unfortunately this is not allowed.

Can I hang my hammock somewhere?

Yes, there are several fields with suitable trees to hang your hammock on, but it is wise to contact the camp staff in advance to double check which trees are best to use.

Are there showers?

Yes, there are showers on the Scouting estate that you as a camper can use for free.

Can I make a fire on the camping field?

Yes, on the camping fields there are special concrete tiles that can be lit on fire, provided there is no heating ban.

Can I gather wood at the estate?

No, unfortunately this is not allowed. To promote biodiversity, it is important to leave wood as much as possible.

I have medicines that need to be cooled, is that possible?

Yes. At the sanitary facilities you will find a separate room with one refrigerator that is exclusively intended for cooling medicines

I have done groceries that need to be cooled, is that possible?

There are refrigerators at the camp staff where you can cool your groceries. Make sure these messages have a label so you know what’s yours. The refrigerator is only intended for cooling crucial groceries, so cooling soft drinks and alcohol is unfortunately not allowed.

Other questions

Is the pioneer wood on the estate freely available?

Yes, while supplies last, (free) pioneer wood is available. You cannot reserve this in advance.

Can I pay with a debit card at the estate?

Yes, payments at the Scoutshop can be made with a debit card.

Is there WiFi?

WiFi is available for all campers on the Scouting Estate. You can request the login details from the camp staff.