Facilities for water campers

Water campers

Scouting Estate Zeewolde is a unique place, in the middle of nature, for all scouts: land, air and water. An important precondition was set in the search for a place for the Scouting estate. The site had to be on the water. Because with such a place it is possible to organize both large land and water activities and the camping site for summer camps is also suitable for non-scouting water groups, such as rescue brigades, etc.

Information about the locks and bridges can be found here. More information about the possibilities that Scouting Estate Zeewolde water scouts offers can be found in this flyer.

  • Scouting estate Zeewolde is located on the Nuldernauw. Wolderwide is located close to Zeewolde Scouting Estate. This open water is suitable for sailing competitions and is already being used for this.
  • The draft is currently around 1.0 meters, depending on the water level in the edge lakes.
  • The location of the fairway in relation to the banks and the passing commercial shipping is very favorable in view of the safety at this location.
  • The Scouting Estate has a bank of one kilometer. There is a jetty of 75 meters long and up to 25 meters wide, which can be closed in winter, so that no damage is caused by frost and there is no nuisance for wintering waterfowl.
  • The jetty is suitable for forty lilies and some waiting ships, so that the camping groups and passers-by can moor.
  • The jetties can be expanded for internal and external events, such as for Nawaka: there is room for five hundred barges and more than fifty big ships.
  • Outside the dikes there are several camping fields of the label site and sub-camps for events. (Water) campers can camp directly on the water! There are paved paths as a dike crossing, so that you can reach the water with a boat trailer.
  • There is a private boat ramp on the site and nearby boat cranes are available from various recreation entrepreneurs.
  • Various Scouting locations are located along and in the Randmeren, making it possible to organize a sailing hike lasting several days.
  • From a few camping fields and of course the jetty, you can step into the edge lakes. Do not forget your water shoes, slippers or sandals when you step into the water. This prevents you from hurting reed stems and other crops directly in the water or on the water’s edge. It is of course known to you that all reed collars must be left alone.